San Martin launches the first major center of wine tasting. Dedicated to the Argentine Bonarda, the building simulates a large barrel. With technology and capacity for 180 people is ready to give life to this star varietal of east Mendoza.

On the old highway 50, but within the Agnesi Park’ s lot, San Martin built a spectacular Convention and Exhibition Centre where the Argentine Bonarda Wine Temple stands. In the future, the new headquarters of the municipality will be built there to join the complex.

With the clear intention that the Bonarda wine ceases to be an assemblage to become into the second star varietal of Mendoza, a round building that looks like a giant barrel will be used for future tastings of winemakers of the area.

But the temple is not the only attraction as it’s part of the brand new Convention and Exhibition Center Francisco (“in honor of Pope Francisco and San Martin”). In this circular nave, there have already been executed classical music concerts organized by the Caminos del Vino and social tastings where “Bonarda wines are offered.”

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Modern and with individual tasting tables, the temple has capacity for 180 people.


The ceilings of the giant barrel are made of wood to give the feeling of being in a real oak cask.

The complex amazes us in every way. Its dimensions, its architecture and setting are downright enviable. Surrounded by ancient eucalyptus, especially preserved, and water sources inside and outside, the Exhibition Centre has two auditoriums with a total capacity for 2,000 people. In addition, near the Bonarda Temple there is a small green amphitheater and a bigger one with capacity for 30,000 people.


The Convention and Exhibition Centre can accommodate 2,000 people in two auditoriums.


Argentine Bonarda Temple also has a wine cellar with climate control.

Rita Morcos, coordinator of the entire complex, enthusiastically talks about the project and justifies the investment by highlighting the department’s need to count with an “attractive place for tourism.” “We want people to come to San Martin.” In line with this idea, Jorge Gimenez, the department’s mayor, has designed invitations for guided tours for both, tourists and mendocinians.

During the tour, the illuminated waterfalls on the large windows of the center outstand, “industrial oxygenated water that is recycled,” a park with Bonarda cultivated fields in its three ways: trellises, vines and vineyards with controlled drip irrigation. Aguaribays, pampa grass and eucalyptus that were planted in the last century to dry the land that used to flood with the rains, are part of the native flora that integrates the organic sector of the circuit.


The barrel-shaped temple surrounded by a park with native flora and bonarda vineyards.

Pedro Escudero, director of Economic Development explained that in San Martin are working to train vintners with the aim to “turn the Bonarda into a varietal wine instead of being treated only as an assemblage”.  The Temple has already hosted the First Congress of Bonarda, using individual tasting tables, unique in Mendoza in a center of this kind. “Our strategic plan is to go further and offer different things to people of San Martin and everyone who wants to come and visit.”

Contact for guided tours: 2634-310695 / 261-5462176


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