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Pedro Reján, nephew of the owner of the theater-bar El Reján, shows us a can with movies that were exhibited in the old days.

Last century cinema and “pulpería”

On Route 40, in the circuit Pueblo Barro, a centenary cinema, with pitch pine floors and doors, seats and big screen is preserved over time. Its owner, Pedro Reján, serves the adjoining bar and tells the history of the cinema in the village.

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Bonarda Temple, to visit and taste

San Martin launches the first major center of wine tasting. Dedicated to the Argentine Bonarda, the building simulates a large barrel. With technology and capacity for 180 people is ready to give life to this star varietal of east Mendoza.

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The monks of Gualtallary

As in a medieval tale, the Monastery of Cristo Orante (Praying Christ) dominates the landscape of Tupungato. The monks offer accommodation for spiritual retreats and workshops of religious iconography. They elaborate chocolates and a malbec wine, product of the Monastic Harvest.

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el borracho

The Malbec man from New Zealand

El Borracho Wine Shop is the winery of Thomas Tonnelier, ambassador of Mendoza’s Malbec in Oceania. One of the main importers of Argentine wines in the country. Here, he speaks about the positioning of mendocinian wines in New Zealand.

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